Questioning Your Life

Honestly, do you ever feel like the expectations for your life are just overblown? Do you feel like the person you presently are and the person you thought you would have already become are two different people?

In my mind, I imagined I would be making so much more money by now and already be a person of great influence in the world. Yet, I am a financially challenged student trying to tackle a Ph.D., provide for a wife, and help as many people as I can in a day.

Here is the thing. Where do these expectations come from though? Well I often remind myself of Romans 8 where it says if we set our minds on the things of the flesh, we will be under the control of the desires of the flesh. How often does what we see on television or in a movie suggest that you do not have the life you are supposed to have?

20 somethings are supposed to be thriving, beautiful and, carefree. 30 and 40 somethings are supposed to be gorgeous, rich, and married with children to an amazing looking spouse.

Isn’t it easy to get discouraged when you constantly see standards of what degree of success you should have and you not be in line with them? The problem isn’t you though but the standards beat into us by the shows we like to watch.

In the end, if you do not reject what the culture is telling you to be, you will ruin your work ethic, your relationships with your family, and even your relationship with God. So I know that I have become the best present version of myself that I could be because I have strived to put God and others first.

Don’t be mad that you don’t have a hundred dollars when you have fifty in your hand. If you can’t learn to be satisfied with what you are and have when you possess little, you will never be satisfied with who you are or what you have when you have much.

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