Going Somewhere New!

Have you ever set a goal of where you wanted to be in your life?

When I was a freshmen in college, I decided I was going to get my doctorate one day. And although I knew that I had a history of being an idiot when it came to school, I had decided that I was going to become the best version of myself that God could make me, and I would be damned to hell before I didn’t give God my all to be the best that I could be through Him.

Well – now I am moving to Raleigh to start my doctorate program, and I have now seen how important it has been for me to not focus on what I have been so that I could move forward to become something greater.

Do you know someone who just talks about how great they were in high school or in something that is in the past? They go on and on about how fantastic things used to be, but they seldom discuss their future. What am I trying to say?

Simply stated, I am telling you that if you do not let go of your past failures, you can’t move to future successes. Likewise, if you do not let go of past successes, you can’t move to greater successes.

Some people let their failures hold them back, while others let their successes hold them back. I had a bad academic past, but I forsook that past to grasp a future where I am now a candidate for a Ph.D. I also used to date an attractive girl who broke up with me, but I didn’t let that brief success and failure deter me from seeking out an even more attractive woman – whose beauty is beyond my comprehension. (I love you Amanda. 😉 )

What does this mean to you? I am simply showing you that I have become a successful student and a blessed husband because I have not let past failures and past successes hold me back from greater successes in my future.

The way you are perceived tomorrow is a result of your actions today. I have even greater goals of what I hope to become in Christ five years from now, but they will not become a reality if I let my present successes stop me.

So I ask you to examine yourself – as I have done and will continue to. Ask yourself  what successes in your past  hold you back from a greater success in your future?   What failures in your past are you allowing to discourage you from a success in your future?  No matter how great they were or how bad they were – you have to let go of them to move forward.  So what successes and failures have you not let go of yet that you know are holding you back?

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