I’m exhausted – to say the least.

Furniture weights a ton, especially when you try to spare everyone else the load of helping you carry the heaviest stuff. I guess I just like to act like Jesus when it comes to trying help people carry a heavy burden – even though in my situation the burden is the furniture I’m going to be using.

Honestly then, it is me who has the problem. I like to carry what I can, and I don’t like to make other people help me. Some of those people – however – really do want to help me – not because they really want to share the load but because they really don’t want me to hurt myself trying to do it all by myself.

Have you ever just refused help because you didn’t want to be an inconvenience to other people? Well take it from me, you are only hurting yourself and those that care about you, when you refuse to share a heavy burden. Christ wants to help you with your spiritual burdens because he cares about you. Whatever hurts you, hurts him because he loves you. Likewise, people who care about you want to help you with your physical burdens because they care about you.

Now – of course – there are SOME people who just like to watch you do everything because they are lazy and inconsiderate. Some of them are so bold to actually tell you how to do it better than you are doing it without exerting any physical effort to assist you with their deeds – only with their words. Doesn’t that infuriate us all? Luckily, everyone was trying to help me today. 🙂

Regardless though, if you are carrying a heavy load, let those who care about you help you. You and I both know that if you get hurt carrying a burden you can’t handle by yourself – you will regret that you didn’t let them help and so will they. Remember that this is why Christ wants to carry your burdens and why good friends will always be willing to help you carry something that you might hurt yourself carrying alone.

So share your heavy burdens with those who love you – especially Christ.

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