Say “YES” to Success

Here is a short one for the day.

Have you ever needed a job – and fast? I’m living in Wake Forest now, and I am doing my best to take care of things. Rent will be due in 3 weeks, and we won’t get a paycheck until 3 weeks. Yeah. It’s cutting it close.

Have you ever waited too long to buy a present for someone? Christmas? Birthday? Wedding? Someone reminded me that if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.

One of the biggest problems we have is ourselves. We never feel like doing the things that we need to do to succeed in life. Did you feel like going to school when you were growing up? Do you always feel like going to work? Do you always feel like cleaning up? Do you always feel like getting to places on time?

At the end of the day, we all have to recognize that if we do not intentionally choose to prepare to say “NO” to our feelings and “YES” to what we must do – we will always fall to our feelings. If you do this long enough, you will wake up one day and wonder “why have I not done anything significant with my life?”

Great fights are remembered because it is often a difficult battle to achieve the victory. Remember that a great life is often remembered because they battled against the odds and succeeded – in spite of the emotions and circumstances that resisted them.

If you just prepare your mind to choose to do what you have to do to succeed – in spite of your feelings, you can do just about anything and succeed.

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