One of my childish hobbies is that I like to keep up with the upcoming technology in the gaming world. You might be interested to know that the successor to the XBOX 360 will be roughly 600% more powerful.

When I look at things like that, I just wonder how we move so fast with technology today? Do you ever just wonder how a new version of your iPhone or Droid just come up out of nowhere – it seems.

When I was a kid, I always like to skip to the back of my text books so I could see what I might be able to do by the end of the year. I still liked doing this even when I was taking Greek in my undergraduate. I liked to see what the future might hold.

Here is what we have to understand though: the end is a result of a journey through the middle.

The new upcoming technology we will be playing with by the end of the year is the result of someone – or even a large team – coming together and working tirelessly to have the next big thing.

To come up with what the “next big thing” could be, industries spend millions upon millions of dollars just researching what people enjoy doing so that the technology they develop is relevant to their lives – otherwise you wouldn’t buy it.

When I looked at the end of my Greek texts, I never imagined how much memorization it would take to get to the point that I could understand what was written at the end of the book.

So the point is very simple. You can’t focus on the end of the journey because it is the steps that you take to get there that prepares you for that stage in your life.

Right now, I kind of feel like I should be doing so much more than I am given credit for. I want to speak to the world to inspire them in ways that no one would inspire me. To teach them truth that no one would teach me.

At the end of the day though, the step I stand upon right now makes me more able to stand tall on the next step. It is this journey up the stairs that prepares us all to become what we hope to be in the end.

XBOX was the first step to the XBOX 360 which is now just another step to the new XBOX. Every page of my Greek text was preparing me to interpret the final pages.

And every stage of our life is preparing us to stand tall in what we will be in the end.

But just like building a great XBOX or learning Greek, you can’t just wait for the end. You have to do the work that you can do to become the person you want to be. You don’t know exactly WHO you will be in the end but you can know that if you do not put the work in to become that person, you will never be prepared to stand where you hope they will stand.

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