Romantic Insomnia

I am laying in my bed , and I can’t sleep. Ever have a night
like that?

While looking at my darling wife, Amanda, who is sound asleep, i thought about how she came to me.

I was thinking about being single after a hard break-up and laying in the bed anxiously feeling like I never could or would love again. My emotions were a mess, and so was I.

Late one particularly lonely night, I closed my eyes and began to pray for the woman God knew would become my wife. I prayed for her every night for months – though I had no idea about who she was or where she was at. I was terribly lonely but had faith that she was out there – in spite of my fears that the best relationship of my life was behind me. I knew if God existed and I trusted Him, He would do better for me then I could ever do for myself.

Years later on this night, I see how foolish and naive I was to believe that my love life was over when the best of it had yet to commence. Amanda lays beside me asleep, and even the way she breathes is of interest to me.

My wife is so much more to me now than I ever imagined she could be to me then.

I just wish I dedicated more time to becoming the man then I believe she deserves now.

As I end this and attempt to sleep again, remember that your emotions will change with your circumstances but truth is everlasting. It is true that if you marry someone, you are saying they are worthy of the rest of your life.

If someone really is that special, it should be our greatest honor to do our best to become the person we believe they deserve – not merely to win them over while dating but to serve them greatly even after 30 years of marriage.

I have such a great honor to sleep where I do right now, but I just wish I could be more worthy of my wonderful bride, but I will not let my shortcomings be a reason for me to not continually make myself better for her sake. I love her so why wouldn’t I?

If you ever let your emotions dictate you into defeat, you will never try. And if you fail to try, then you are truly defeated. I will ever try to be a better husband tomorrow than I was today.

Time to try to sleep again…

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