“How are you doing?”

The first thing out of my mouth was, “I’m just busy, busy, busy.”

“That is the same thing your brother told us.”

My parents gave me a call today, and when they called me this is was how our conversation began. I realized that I wasn’t just saying “I’m busy” to my parents.

It sounded like I was saying “I’m too busy for you.”

When I was a little boy, I used to always run into my daddy’s office when he was preparing for a sermon on Saturday night to preach on Sunday morning. I would run in there – for whatever reason – and begin to distract him from his pastoral duties.

But there is one thing I never ever remember him saying to me….

I never remember him telling me “I’m too busy for you.” In fact, I can’t ever remember either one of my parents telling me “I’m too busy for you.”

But here I am – in deep study and preparation to speak to a group in Pennsylvania – and telling them “I’m busy.”

As soon I realized what I had said, I corrected myself and said “But I’ll never be too busy for you.”

The people who will show you the most love and attention are often the people we know we can get away with showing the least love and attention to.

If I am to be the kind of husband my wife deserves and the kind of father my future children deserve, I need to learn to say “I’m never too busy for you.”

For Christians, we need to remember that our family is our FIRST ministry so we should not treat them, as if they were our last.

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