Amanda and Ben’s not romantic evening: part 2

Papa Murphy’s Pizza was finally in site.


A pizza and s’more pie would soon suffice our hunger. Amanda and I rushed into the store, and we asked for their best signature pizza.

“You will want our hawaiian pizza with Canadian bacon. There is honestly nothing like it.” the cashier informed us excitedly.

“it sounds delicious! Just give us that and that pizza s’more pie fast. We are starving.” We told them. So they made our pizza and handed us a premade s’more pie, and then Amanda and I was back in the car to enjoy – what we thought- would be a romantic evening at home relaxing and enjoying the company of each other.

Once we arrived home, it didn’t take us but a few minutes to tear into our pizza. Seeing as it wasn’t the biggest pizza, we cut it in halves. One for me. One for Amanda.

“OH MY GOSH! This pizza is so good!” Amanda declared. By the time I had my piece ate, she had already finished her slice. She smiled at me when she noticed me looking at her empty plate, and said “I WAS HUNGRY!”

Not to be outdone, I took the remaining halve and shuffled it onto my plate. “Well you might have ate faster but I am going to eat more.”

She laughed at my challenge and said ” That is just fine babe – just warm the smore up in the oven while you are up.”

By this time, our great desire for food had driven Amanda to eat faster than she should and me to eat more than I should.

….and that was before we had the s’more pie that started this whole adventure.

When it was all said and done our hunger had been more than satisfied – as Amanda and I were more than stuffed by now. We ate as much of the s’more pie as we could – but the pain of overeating had already begun to take its toll.

I was finished with mine – so I lean over to enjoy the embrace of my wife after our meal.

“Babe, do not lean on me right now.” she said very somberly.

“Why? Is something wrong?” I asked.

She looked over at me with great distress in her eyes. She crinkled her nose. And then…. a loud gurgling of her stomach was heard. “I think I overdid it.” Again, she made a painful expression and puts her hand on her stomach.


I lean over to put my arm around her. “You’ll be fine.” I say. Yet, before I get my arm to her shoulder she jumps up and sprints for the bathroom.

“She just has a weak stomach.” I thought to myself, but as I turned on my computer to entertain myself until Amanda returned I felt a disturbing sensation deep within my bowels that informed me of my own gluttony.

“Oh no. I am not going to make it.” As fast as it hit Amanda it had hit me even faster. In great disgust and fearful expectation, I penguin danced my way to the guest bathroom before it was too late.

When Amanda and I finally found our way to the couch, we had lit every candle in the house, as well as sprayed a scent of febreeze we both despise. Both of us were far sicker now than we were in our hunger – and the very last thing on our minds was the romantic evening at home we had previously planned.

Amanda looked at me and said ” I never want to see a Papa Murphy pizza or s’more pie again.” I couldn’t help but agree.

When our story started out, Amanda and I were absolutely convinced that Papa Murphy’s pizza and s’more pie was going to be the beginning of a romantic evening, but we let our great desire to satisfy our hunger cause us to tear into it so quickly that we actually ruined the possibility for the kind of evening we had hoped for. Honestly – romance was not a REMOTE -possibility for either one of us. All we wanted to do was write off eating pizza and s’mores – and aid our wounded stomachs.

A basic principle for life is clearly seen here. All of us have desires and needs. So when we see someone or something that we think is going to satisfy that desire, we become excited about it. Sometimes we get so excited that we go after it or them as fast as we can – simply because we want to fulfill that desire.

When we let that desire control us to the extent that we jump into it without thinking or restraining ourselves – only bad will come from it.

Basically – if you do not choose to restrain your desire to serve your life, you will allow your desire to control you destroy your life. This is just as true with relationships, as it is with food.

6 thoughts on “Amanda and Ben’s not romantic evening: part 2


  2. This cracked me up! My wife and I had a similar experience the first week we were dating! It was extremely awkward because we didn’t know each other well enough to admit that the Papa Murphy’s deep dish had given us both the craps. We had a good laugh about it several months later.

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