Facebook is not your Family

Amanda and I are just like any other couple in the world – in the sense that we can easily find ourselves distracted by what does not matter to ignore what actually does.

Today – I broke 3,200 friends on Facebook. At least 1,000 of those are people that I have met through ministry related endeavors, and a lot of these people vie for my attention and time.

I do love to engage with people and help them in whatever way I can.

“Babe – come in here with me for a little while.” Amanda asked.

“Just give me a minute baby. I’m in the middle of something important.” I replied.

I have led people to Christ over Facebook and counseled suicidal individuals on Facebook so I know it can be useful for ministry.

An hour and a half has passed since Amanda asked me to spend time with her. When I finally came in the room, she was all dressed up and ready to go somewhere. “Babe, you promised to take me out and spend time with me over 2 hours ago.”

“Babe – it’s a part of ministry.” I rebutted.

But I had failed to see that in my effort to help someone overcome their own sin – I was justifying my own.

Before God and hundreds of witnesses – I made a vow to Amanda that I have not made to anyone else.

I vowed to love her, honor her, and cherish her – “forsaking all others.”

This doesn’t mean that I do not care about other people. It just means that I am responsible for Amanda before I am responsible for others.

Facebook is not my family. Amanda is. If I put Facebook before my family – I am in sin. If you put Facebook before your family – you are in sin. Facebook is not evil – in and of itself, but if you are ignoring the needs of your family to attend to the needs of others, you are ignoring the people God has given you a responsibility to first.

Everyone who wants to continue in sin will justify their sin, but I have no basis to minister to someone else’s family, if I am ignoring my own.

1 Tim 3 teaches that you had better have your own home and life in order – before you set out to get other people’shome and life in order. Honestly – I know of a lot of ministers who are ignoring their family to the point that they considering a divorce th at will cause great pain to their spouse and their children. Yet – they will spend hours of their day on Facebook saying they are doing the work of God.

Amanda is my family. I have made a vow to God to honor her – before I honor anyone else, and she with me.

Both of us have spent the last few weeks being very intentional of spending time together.  If I ask her to put down the computer – she will do it.  If she asks me to put down the computer – I will do it.  It is hardly ever easy to do – but either your family is worth it or not.

Only hypocrites try to fix other people’s lives without fixing their own.  You want to be a service to people?

Show them how to serve their family by serving your own first, rather than just tell them to do it, while you ignore yours.

When you are connected to millions of people online – there are always going to be someone else to help.  But remember that God has made you responsible to your family before anyone else.

If you can’t be trusted with your family- you should not be trusted with anyone else’s.  Otherwise – you are a hypocrite.

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