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Ben will Spit – while Amanda Snores: Part 2

In Part 1 of Ben’s Bad McCafe Assumption, I told you how the grumpy service at McDonald’s led me to believe certain things about my coffee.  Here you will see how that assumption leads to my own sorrow.

I had my coffee.  I was going to stay awake.  I was not going to fall asleep and wreck my Father-in-Law’s truck.

Yep.  All seemed to be well with the world.  I am within an hour of my destination.  Amanda is sleeping like a rock.  And I am wide awake sipping on my coffee.

But something just don’t feel right.  I couldn’t help but think about the last cup of coffee I had from McDonald’s.  I couldn’t help but think about if that employee didn’t like me.

I keep thinking about it.   I just felt like I should take the lid off the coffee.  I continue drinking it – but the whole time something just didn’t seem right.

I got within 3 minutes of my in-laws house.   I am down to the last bit of coffee in my cup.

“Well  – I guess I’ll finish off the cup.” I think to myself.

I turn the cup all the way up and fill my mouth with coffee.

I’ll never be able to describe what it felt like.  It was just a wad of something.  Gooey.  Indescribable.  Clumpy.  . . .

. . . . . but definitely not coffee.  Remember – I’m in my father-in-laws truck.

The moment this blob of indiscernable goo hits the back of my throat I panic assuming it is the worst possible thing my mind can imagine.  With a gurgled yell – “AHH!” I instinctively spit all the coffee out…..

. . . . . . all over my father-in-law’s truck.

It looked something like this.

In shock that I spit the coffee out in my father-in-law’s truck and almost being to their house – I hit the breaks and yell aloud,

Initially – her head flicks up! She looks at me with a bit of shock – as to which I think that I am going to be in trouble for scaring her.  Nope.  With what seems to be a reflex to my overreaction, she goes right back to sleep.

“Babe!!! Please.  I need a napkin fast! ”  Hot coffee is all over the steering wheel, the seat, my shorts, the window…  It’s everywhere. I feel it traveling under the seat of my pants, and it is spreading quckly.  “AMANDA!”

“Amanda! Napkins! Please!!!”  Slowly she awakes.   She picks up her head.  She stretches and looks at me.  “Babe! Please give me some napkins!”  With an annoyed look, she looks around in a disoriented fashion to find a few napkins that she can hand me.

“What is wrong with you?”  She asks me this, as she hands me some napkins from the glove compartment.

“I spit coffee all over the truck.  There was something clumpy and gooey in my coffee.”  She says.

It gets really quiet.

After a long pause – she just looks over at me.  With an inquisitively annoyed look on her face she asks, “Ben, how much creamer did you ask for?”

Well – I don’t know.  I think I asked for five.

“Five? Are you serious?”  She asks again.

“Yes!  Why does it matter?”

“Honey – you know that was probably just unstirred creamer in the bottom of that coffee. If I don’t mix my creamer – it will always feel like that at the last few drinks.”  She just laughs at me then.

By this time – we are at her parents’ house.  She runs on in to relax.  I stay outside to wipe the interior down with cleaner before the morning comes.

As I clean up the mess – I tried to put all of it together, but I could not help but wonder if I was guilty of assuming the worst, and it was nothing but creamer or was betrayed for assuming the best – and it was something… else.

Sometimes – we have a history with people and places that leads us to always assume the worst.  Although I had gotten McChickens and Sweet-Teas from McDonalds many times, all I could think about was the one time they messed my coffee up when I was getting this cup of coffee.

Even though the coffee tasted fine – I kept assuming the worst.

The grumpy service.  The coffee coming from the back – when the coffee maker is in the front.  I just had too many reasons to already assume the worst.

Yes.  There are people and organizations in our lives that we know we should NOT trust because it always turns out badly, but then you trust them anyway, get hurt, and wonder why you were so dumb.

But often times – there are people and organizations in our lives that will make a mistake 1% of the time but are worthy of our trust 99% of the time.  And while they try to prove to us why they are worthy of our trust, we just keep on waiting for them to mess up.

We will let them do good over and over without acknowledging it, and as soon as something is not what you expect it to be – you immediately condemn them. You overreact.  With your words and deeds,  you hurt them. Your hurt yourself.  And you hurt your family.

I don’t know which of those you are – but let me just tell you this.

Spitting coffee all over Amanda’s dad’s car was a very insightful moment for me.

Because I look at the bottom of my cup, and Amanda was right.  It’s just unstirred creamer.

4 thoughts on “Ben will Spit – while Amanda Snores: Part 2

  1. I loved this Ben your posts always help me and I was anticipating this prt.2 greatly. Thank you for being an influence in my life, it’s too bad our time at liberty was short. I miss you man

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