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“Babe!  Put in a movie I like!” Amanda will ask me excitedly.   This means no guns, no fights, no tragedy, and – ultimately – no testosterone. 

Since my political job ended in May, Amanda and I have been counting our pennies to not go over budget.  We can’t afford cable or satellite – so when we want to entertain ourselves I often end up watching Amanda’s favorite movies over and over and over again.

Sadly – I now enjoy watching three out of Amanda’s top 5 favorite chick flicks.

1.                    Two Weeks Notice

A poor liberal hippy and a rich conservative real-estate developer hate each other,  like each other, hate each other again,  then fall in love with each other. (Roll Credits)

Amanda’s favorite scene:  Grant proclaiming that he can walk across Bullock’s apartment in 6 steps.


2.                    While You Were Sleeping

After saving the life of the dream man who does not know she exists, a poor NY girl pretends to be his fiancé to follow him into the hospital. Although she thinks she is in love with her dream man, she then meets her dream man’s brother, and they hate each other, like each other, hate each other again,  and  fall in love each other. (Roll Credits)

Amanda’s favorite scene:  The marriage proposal given by the entire family.

3.                    Sabrina (1995)

After going to Paris on an internship with Vogue, the Chaffeur’s daughter – Sabrina – returns home to the super-rich Lareby home where she hopes to win over the affection of the youngest son, David Lareby.  But after an accident, fate steps in.  Although she thinks she is in love with David, Sabrina spends time with David’s brother, Lynus. And – wait for it – they hate each other, like each other, hate each other again, and, finally,  fall in love each other. (Roll Credits)

Amanda’s favorite scene:  Lynus punching David before he jets off to Paris to find Sabrina.

4.                    How Do You Know?

Lisa just got kicked off the Olympic softball team.  George just found out he’s being indicted by the Federal Government for fraud.  They meet each other, and (here we go again) hate each other, like each other, and finally fall in love with each other. (Roll Credits)

Amanda’s favorite scene:  Watching Jack Nicholson’s response at the end of the film.

5.                    Midnight in Paris

By far – the most unusual of Amanda’s favorites, Midnight in Paris is about the illusion that a life different from your own would be much better.  Gil thinks he is in love with another time,  the roaring 20s.  At first, he hates the 2010s, then begins to like the 2010s, then hates the 2010s, then falls in love with the 2010s.

Amanda’s favorite scene:  Watching Gil trying to steal his fiancé’s earrings.
Why do I know this – and why am I telling you?   When you date a woman – you get your high school diploma in learning her.  When you begin the relationship with her – you get your bachelor’s degree in knowing her. When you get engaged to her – you get your master’s degree of studying her.  And when you marry her – you are in your Ph.D work of appreciating her.   You must never stop learning about your beloved.

I know Amanda likes these movies because I watch them with her.  I like to watch her, watch them because I see what makes her laugh, and I see what makes her cry.

I’m not endorsing all that these movies stand for – but I am endorsing the willingness to love your spouse enough to learn to not only do what she enjoys doing, but learning how and why she enjoys doing these things so you can be a better servant of providing what you believe she deserves.

I might mess up dinner now and again to show love , but all I have to do here is put in a movie.  Then instead of watching great romance, as I look at my screen – I am participating in great romance, as I study my wife.

By the way, can you guess which 3 movies I like the most out of these 5?


  1. I’m going to guess it is the three where the main character likes someone than hates someone, then likes someone again, and then hated them again and then falls in love? Am I right?

  2. Hi Ben,
    It sounds like the education of your partner has never stopped and now you are moving on to different media of support. I like.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post “One more cup of coffee.” Hope to see you again.

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