You never want to be the guy who wrecks someone else’s wedding – and God only knows how many times I have come close to being that guy.  But out of all the stupid ideas I have had at a wedding – this one took the cake.

Tom and Laura were getting married, and I was a groomsman.  Being a groomsman to me isn’t a bad deal at all, but I always find it a bit awkward standing in front of a crowd and not being able to say or do anything.

Often times – I will get nervous laughter, and the slightest little thing will set me off, and it certainly doesn’t matter make it any better when my best friend Alex is beside me because he can make me laugh without even trying to.

So when I made it through the ceremony without tripping, laughing, or doing anything stupid while standing up there, I was relieved.

But then we took pictures….
The pictures were taken outside – beside the tall brick church where the ceremony took place, but beside of the church where the pictures were being taken was a steep drop off, leading to a basement entrance.  Effectively – it was only a two foot roll to an 8ft drop on concrete sidewalk.

They lined all of the groomsmen up for a few pictures.

“ I sure would hate to fall down there,”  Alex told me looking behind him.

Last few moments before I act on a dumb idea.

And it was with those few words that I began to develop my stupid idea.

The photographer lined the entire bridal party up against the church wall – right beside of the 8ft drop off.  “Hey guys!  Why don’t everybody act silly in this one!” The photographer exclaimed as she told us she was almost finished.

With that – everyone began to strike their fated, humorous poses.  I – on the other  hand – decided to give Alex his big scare.

I put a huge smile on my face, stuck my arms out wide, and then took one huge step over to bump my side into Alex as hard as I could.

Alex was already leaned over onto Stroud for the funny picture though, and then momentum met fate like a stack of dominoes.

“OH LORD JESUS!” Alex yelled as he fell over on to Stroud.  Alex did just as I expected.  He screamed  – but the momentum was then transferred to Stroud, who then fell on Derek.  Derek wobbled backwards then to save himself, he grabs Drew.   Drew in a feat of Herculian strength – grits his feet into the ground and attempts to save Derek.

The bride and groom yell because they see how close disaster is near to them, but somehow or another, Drew managed to save himself, Derek, the bride and groom, but – the least of which – he just saved me from absolutely ruining someone’s wedding.

The Bride and Groom don’t even see it coming.

I stopped and thanked God – because that could have been very bad.  Drew just became my hero.

Sometimes – for the good of others – we have to take on the momentum of someone else’s stupid idea or action, even at the risk of our own safety.

Thanks for the lesson Drew.   Clearly – Philippians 2 in action.


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