I was so frustrated.  It’s bad enough to not have the money to buy some fine jewelry or perfume for my beloved, but it’s even worse when the inexpensive gifts I knew she wanted were nowhere to be found.   I had to find something she would like – but in wasting so much time trying to find those other gifts, I was now in a huge rush.  I start thinking fast – and end up making much of little.

After failing miserably to find what I went for in Target, I run outside and start going in every store I see.  After hitting up Ross – I journey into $5 Below.

Five below had a tumbler I knew she would like – a turquoise spill-proof coffee thermos that she would definitely get a lot of use out of.  She loves turquoise, and she is always spilling.  It’s  a natural fit for her.  So I grab it – quick as I can.

Thank you $5 Below.

But – on my way out of the store – I was blocked by a loud group of women who were speaking form of Spanish.  They had blocked the exit, and I’m getting frustrated.

It is then I turn to see a movie that I know – for a fact – Amanda will love.

  Run Fatboy Run  is a typical Brit-comedy.  It’s directed by David Schwimmer ( Ross for those of  you who watch Friends).    But it’s the original mixings of a Romantic-Comedy and Rocky-esque inspirations that make me think of Amanda immediately.

She obviously loves chick flicks.  I mean – seriously.  Have you seen her TOP 5 Favorite Movies?  But she also has a thing for sports movies like Remember the Titans and Invictus.

   So I know Amanda will get some good laughs out of this – for sure.  So now – thankful to the   loud – latino ladies who made me turn around – I grab the film and head for the cashier.

It’s 4 o’clock – and Amanda will be home in just a few more hours.  I have to really rush, and at this point, I’m starting to feel like the title character of the movie I just bought Amanda.

I ran over to the Triangle Town Center Mall to buy a dress I knew she wanted, but just as it was in my quest for the other gifts I planned to buy her – the dress was completely sold out.

Frustrated with my present offerings – I jump on the interstate and ride over to another area of shopping 20 minutes away.  I head into Kirkland’s – another home decor shop.  I know Amanda wanted a certain kind of picture for the bathroom.  I look around – while this kid in the store yells that he just wants some peace and quiet.  After I fail to find the picture – I’m happy to oblige the young child’s request by  leaving the store.

Ross is only  a few shops down.  I enter, and I run straight for the back.  I had noticed – lately – that Amanda had been standing on her tiptoes in the bathroom to see what her lower half looked like in her jeans and dresses.

A full length mirror would fix that problem.  I speed walk to the back of the store, but I am deterred by a very talented mother.  She is talented because she is pushing one buggy and pulling another.  In one buggy – she carries her screaming child who is grabbing everything she drives by.  In the other buggy are all the items she is hoping to purchase.

I presume she needed to put the items in the separate cart is because the child seemed to have no problem throwing items up into the air and onto the ground.

Regardless – she took up an entire isle.  It took me a few minutes to maneuver around her because every time I went to one end of the mirror section, she would move her cart.

But after I saw the full-length mirror, I just finally let myself by her and her convoy of carts to partake of the beautiful, black full length mirror.  Amanda wouldn’t have to tip toe to see her whole outfit anymore.

These were nice gifts though – but I still wanted to get her something that I knew she would really, really like.  Then I remembered T.J. Maxx.

(Continue to Part 2……)


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