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A few weeks ago – I made mention of a big announcement that I was going to make to all those who follow my blog and my ministry.  It was amidst my and Amanda’s 5 Dumbest Arguments that I referred to how God was guiding our lives to something huge and exciting.

Well, I’ve brought you here to make this announcement!

As of August 10th –  I will be able to publicly declare what dramatic event is about to happen that will change my and Amanda’s life forever.    No – we’re not pregnant to either of our knowledge, but it’s nonetheless exciting.

Yes. I just made an announcement to make an announcement – and I would tell you all the details now if Amanda and I would not get in trouble for it.    For that reason – you will have to wait, but I hope you will throw God a prayer on our behalf as we prepare to take this huge journey together.

Until August 10th….


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