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Pastoral Reflections on Tragedy

tragedy imageIn light of recent events – I can’t help but feel such sadness for the people who suffered such a harrowing tragedy as being gunned down in a theater.  When things like that happen, it always makes me regret the fact that I could do nothing to reach that person, but at the same time – it challenges me to push beyond my own limits to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If all people would just learn and submit to the fact that God wants to save us all – we can learn to respect, even protect, the people we might have otherwise hated.  God requires us to love all men – even though,  they might have hurt us greatly.

The Apostle Paul came to Christ – as a man intent on murdering Christians.  The salvation of Paul spared thousands of lives because he ceased to pursue the deaths of others, rather he learned to love them.  Yes.  The eternal salvation of a murderer can lead to the temporal salvation of his would be victims.

It just breaks my heart to see how lost a person can truly become – and how the person who loses themselves is not the only one who suffers the consequences for their evil acts.

Every sin has a consequence in how it will hurt ourselves and how it will hurt others.

This is why the Gospel of Christ is such a beautiful thing because it ascribes value to yourself and others – based on the fact that God created you and died for you – so that you would not pursue actions and thoughts that hurt you or anyone else.  Life becomes your way of living, and all philosophies contrary to the way of life are evil.

John 3:16 ; Galatians 5 ; Romans 13:8-10


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