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What Have You Lost for Christmas?

At Christmas – it is easy to focus on the gifts that you do not have and forget about the ones that you do have.    I have lost family members and friends that used to make Christmas very special to me. Have you lost something that made Christmas special to you?

As I strolled through Stony Point while shopping for Amanda – it seemed as if those who would not be with me at Christmas were the only thoughts on my mind.

Then a bit of heaven echoed in my ears and seemed to soothe all the sorrows of the day – and the season.

Photo Dec 14, 7 50 44 PM
It seemed like four angels were serenading me and me alone.  I sat in a chair on the stone  path, rested my elbows on the table, and my chin met my fist.  My mind began to ponder the peace of the tones.   For a moment – I was gifted to realize this would be a moment of time that I would always remember.  Was it a gift?

This was a gift I did not expect.  If I didn’t get it next year – I wouldn’t be mad.  I would be glad.  This moment was a gift.  It was a gift – special to this time I was explored my thoughts of loss..  It was a thing of beauty, and it taught me that there is no place for new gifts if we only want our old ones.

I treasure the memories I have with my family, and they are invaluable gifts to me.  I would not trade or sell them for anything in the world.  However, there is only one gift that is eternal and everlasting – Jesus Christ.  The One constant of love in spite of the temporal constant of lost.

The gifts of family and friends are fluid.  They will change with seasons and times.  Fall is not summer.  Summer is not winter.  The key to being happy is to appreciate the seasons that are – not wishing for a season that cannot be.  And the season of Christmases gone by cannot be again – and that is what made them treasures.  They are one time things – never to be repeated again.

In my mind, those ladies are angels that bore an important message to me. Through their song,  I felt as if God reminded me that in spite of the gifts of family and friends I have already opened and enjoyed in the past,  I have presents in front of me I need to appreciate – not to mention all the ones yet to come.   I have reason to be grateful for this Christmas and many more to come.

Merry Christmas, my dear friends and family.    Thank you for your love and friendship.

I pondered a while at the table after the ladies left.  Faintly I heard them singing their final song of the evening.  I turned on my camera, and I was thankful to catch their final moments of the evening.  Enjoy.


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