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Praises to my Wife

398768_10151169266351373_443111519_nI cannot imagine a better life without Amanda. She has become more dear to me than I could have ever dreamed before I married her.

Passion and emotion might make a relationship burn bright for a moment then quickly fade – like gas to a flame.

But character is like two embers rubbing together slowly, building more and more heat – until the heat turns to flame and the flame consumes the two until they are one. My wife is a woman of character.

I was attracted to her character the moment I met her, and I was often distracted from it by a lack of passion. She was the best decision of my life that I almost did not make.

Yet, that character has rubbed against me so long now that I daily find myself consumed in the heat of our love. Never would I have dreamed I could find such a love when such a love used to only be a dream of my faith in God.

It was testing what God said that would make a marriage last that brought me to gamble against emotion – and focus on character in spite of it.  Many times – the chemistry of emotions with others almost led me away from my Amanda.

And now – it seems so wild to me that I would ever dreamed to go any other direction.  My gamble with God paid off – and I grew to realize it was never a gamble, if he really is God.

Amanda is a river of virtue that flows life to my passion to love her. There is no one beside her. There is none to compare to her. Every flaw she has is a treasure to me that makes her unique.

Truly, she is mine, and I am hers.

I cannot imagine a better life without Amanda.


2 thoughts on “Praises to my Wife

  1. Ben, I pray the you and Amanda have a marriage like Bob and I have, Been married 47 wonderful years. Love more and more every day. Don’t ever go to bed mad at each other. Tell each other ‘I love you’. It’s sounds like you have it all under control,I wish you both happiness to the moon and back. love you both……..4:21 am

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