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Secret Stories Part 1: The Day I Ripped My Pants

As I said earlier – I don’t want to tell this story, but Amanda insists. 

It was 2009 – a hot summer day at a hot summer wedding.

A white dress had made its way down an aisle.   A green yard – picketed with white tents was ripe for celebration.   It was the first wedding I attended with Amanda and her family – and I was hoping to make a great impression.

Amanda’s friend had been married – and the reception was at their home.  Tents were set in their front yard.  A live band was staged, a buffet was spread, and much joy was in the air.

Amanda and I pose for a picture at the end of one of the worst nights of my life.

Amanda and I pose for a picture at the end of one of the worst nights of my l

I was dressed in my favorite shade of blue with my favorite white tie.  My suit coat and pants were pressed to perfection.  I was looking sharp and doing my best to show Amanda why I was the guy for her.

It was very hot so her parents chose to sit at a round table under one of the many white tents scattered across the yard.

Guest after guest came over to our table.  A number of them wanted to meet me.  I was still new enough to Amanda’s life that I was still meeting people she knew and still out to win their approval.

When the mother of the groom came over to our table – she graciously greeted Amanda and myself. She and Amanda’s mother were good friends, and Amanda’s mother was assisting her with all the festivities.

“Did you get those coolers moved yet?”  Amanda’s mother asked the mother of the groom.

“Not yet.  They are extremely heavy.”  She replied.

I overheard this and thought this would be another opportunity to make a good impression by being servant minded.

“You need someone to move a cooler?”  I asked.

“Why yes!  We do.  It’s very heavy though.”  My host replied with caution.

“Well – I can handle that.  No problem.”  I affirm.

Amanda would see I was strong and kind.  What could possibly go wrong?

I am escorted to their garage – where I see the coolers.

These are not small coolers – by any means.

At least 4 feet wide and a foot deep – completely filled with ice and sodas, it became obvious to me why everyone was avoiding this task.

I would not avoid though.   I would face it head on.

“There are the coolers, sweetheart.  We appreciate this, but are you sure you can handle this?”  She asked.

“I’ve got this.”   My confidence spoke without a second thought.

I walk over and reach down to pick up the cooler.  I begin to pull up – but the weight of the cooler is much more than I would have guessed. The mother of the groom sees my hesitation and tells me I need to wait for some help.

I resist her assistance. “It’s not that heavy, I promise.  I just need to get a better footing.”

With as much grit as I can muster – I reach down with great force and let out a small grunt as I lift the cooler up from the ground.  My host seems impressed with my strength.



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