The Sometimes Painful Providence of God

Ruth 1 


In Ruth, we read about Naomi and Ruth throughout the first chapter..  There we are given a small bit of insight about the difficulties they both faced in their lives.  Yes.  Disciples of the One True God had mess to deal with.


Naomi lost her husband and both her sons, while Ruth lost her husband. After all this, Ruth left her family and her home to follow Naomi as she returned to Judah. Now it’s just my opinion,but I think this is one of the saddest chapters in scripture. It can show us an important aspect of life that we must consider. God’s providence can be painful.


God used Naomi and Ruth’s tragedies to provide salvation for all mankind. Because they followed God in spite of their trials, the line of Christ was preserved, and we can now say that we are saved and washed in the blood of the Lamb.


Do not think that because life may be difficult, at times, that God blinked, but rather, have a heavenly perspective and ask what can you learn and how can I grow from this trial.  

More than anything else – look beyond your own pain to see how God can use you to accomplish the bigger picture – just as He used Naomi and Ruth.


– Pastor Drew


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