Ministry and Talks

Rev. Ben Knotts: 

As a speaker and evangelistic coordinator, Ben organized his ministry for a single purpose:  to engage and develop individuals to know, understand, and choose to obey the teachings of Jesus – so that they might engage and develop individuals to know, understand, and choose to obey the teachings of Jesus.

Style for Ministry:

Ben hopes to provide a visually arresting performance that engages the individual’s attention so that they do not have to force themselves to listen to him.  Ben is physically dynamic in his presentations because if what you say is important – how you say it must be important.   Additionally, Ben makes use of as much visual aid as necessary to give the individual in the audience assistance in remembering his talks for the long term.  People remember stories better than they do declarations.  Hence, teaching the teachings of Jesus in a visually arresting manner helps engage individuals to listen to the content being shared in a talk so that they can follow well what is being taught.

Philosophy for Ministry:

Ben’s ministry is not meant to be declarative – in the sense that he doesn’t think it is effective to simply tell people what to do.  Rather – Ben Knotts focuses on teaching individuals why a certain action is relevant and necessary to protect their life and the lives of others.  Hence, the Reverend commonly states that “The Why is equally important to the What?”

Expertise and Topics for Ministry:

Ben specializes in applying a philosophical rationale for how the teachings of Jesus are relevant in various aspects of life.  He has prepared presentations that illustrate how to implement these teachings in the following areas:

  • Government:
  1. On Love and Liberty: How does Jesus’ teaching free the individual from the rule of the State?
  2. Created Equally to Govern Equally:  Who has God ordained to rule in the United States of America?
  3. The Lesser of Two Evils:   How can voting without character lead to the destruction of America?
  4. The Purpose of Government:  What is the Biblical origin, purpose, and role of Government?
  5. Jesus and War:  How does Jesus’ teaching affect my understanding of War?
  6. How to Vote: How does Jesus’ teaching help me vote without concern for political parties?
  7. Individualism vs. Collectivism:  The Teachings of Jesus Christ vs. The Teaching of Karl Marx
  • Relationships:
  1. Before You Marry:  How do I implement Jesus’ teaching into the single life?
  2. After You Marry:   How do I implement Jesus’ teaching into my married life?
  3. Raising Children:   How do I implement Jesus’ teaching into how I raise my children?
  4. Protecting Parents:  Why does it matter how I treat my parents? 
  5. Friend or Foe:   How do I use the teaching of Jesus to identify friends and enemies?
  6. Choosing to Love:  The futile effort of emotional – circumstantial love and what the Bible really teaches love to be
  • Self-Identity:  
  1. Who is Man:  Obtaining Individual Value through the Biblical origin of man and his prescribed purpose over Creation
  2. Who am I:  Defining your individual story, hope, and purpose for life through reflection on the teachings of Jesus
  3. Why It Does Matter: Overcoming Depression, Suffering, and Suicidal Thoughts through the teachings of Jesus
  • Theology:
  1. The Theology of Love:  God’s Love as the Basis for man’s creation, judgment, salvation, and preservation
  2. The Greatest of these is Love:  Why is Love greater than Faith or Hope?
  3. God-head Guidelines:  The Role of Love within the Actions of the Godhead
  4. Fulfilled:  Why does Jesus REALLY fulfill the law?
  5. Destroyer of Worlds: Why did God destroy the Earth, and When will He do it Again?
  • Before Its Too Late:
  1. Punting Pornography:  The Role of Choice and Love in Fighting Pornographic Temptation and Addiction
  2. Conditioned:  How have your emotions and circumstances been conditioned for you to destroy your life?
  3. Sex Talk:   Choosing to value your spouse and children more than your own pleasure
  4. Am I becoming an Addict:   Conditioning yourself to need someone or something more than you actually do
  5. How to get Freedom: Conditioning yourself to choose to obey Jesus’ teaching to overcome addition
  6. Holiness, Desires, and Choice:  How pursuing immediate satisfaction for natural desires will destroy your life
  7. Homosexual behavior:   How love for each other is not a sin – but sex outside of a husband-wife union is.
  8. Damning Divorce:  How you can inspire your children to have a successful marriage
The Flexibility of His Ministry:

In spite of these various topics,  Ben will always be willing to alter his presentation to help you achieve your goals. Ultimately, our goal as a ministry is to help you achieve yours as a ministry.  So consultations will be necessary to develop the proper topic and context for having a successful presentation at your event.

The important thing is to begin that conversation to bring Rev. Ben Knotts to your area!

*Of all the talks Rev. Ben Knotts has given, On Love and Liberty and The Theology of Love are the most requested.


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